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Gres Porcelain: the gres porcelain is a ceramic with hard, non-porous and compact body. It is a ceramic with great resistance and the non-porous body make it completly waterproof.

Ceramic: the ceramic is a chemical resistant, hard and with a poor conductivity body. It has an high abrasion resistance and it is used with different applications.

Glass Brick: glass brick are mostly produced for wall application but they can also be used for small sections of floor. Glass bricks provide a visual obscuration while emitting artificial or natural lights.

Terracotta: Terracotta is a clay-based earthenware that can be glazed or unglazed which gives to it a porous body.

Marble: Marble is a Limestone crystallized by pressure and heat. It can be Polished Marble, which is going to have a finishing glass-like shine touch or it can be Tumbled Marble, with a surface that has been roughened through abrasion.

Mosaic: Mosaic is a type of tile made from small pieces of glass, clay, stone or other materials to assemble into an image or to cover surfaces (swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens). Patterns with different colours and material are placed on a sheet to simplify laying.

Granite: granite is a combination of different stones melted by magma and its slow cooling process forms large crystals. It is a very hard and durable stone similar to marble. It is easy to clean and scratch resistant.

Natural Stone: Natural stone are used for interior and outdoor design. It is a very hard stone which can support heavy loads. It is resistant to any condition which is why it makes one of the most popular stone to use indoor or outdoor.

Kerlite: kerlite is an ultra lightwieght porcelain slab with a wide selection of colours and size options. It is suitable for walls, light commercial floors and also for heavy duty installations.

Travertine: travertine is a kind of limestone with a visibly porous surface. The colour covers a range from white to beige, gold, brown or sometimes red. As a porous stone it is a bit absorbent but when sanded and sealed it becomes smooth and it a suitable tile for floors and shower.

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